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Business Associate


A business-in-a-box. Fully white-labeled with daily business leads.

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This is a no-risk business with a low investment to work-from-home. Key features of our business model:

  • Best suited for non-technicals to enter App development business
  • Low investment of just Rs.6,000/-
  • We develop and host your business website and Android App
  • Daily 50 leads provided by us
  • Work from home model
  • Complete marketing material support
  • App development is done by our team
  • Client support offered by our team
  • Complete white label solution
  • A personal success path

How does this business model work?

  • Once you are our Business Associate, we develop your website and Android App as per your branding.
  • We will then provide you all marketing templates which you may use to grow your business.
  • We provide 50 unique leads to you daily.
  • You send emails to these 50 daily leads provided by us.
  • Wait for a day for the response and follow up over Call/WhatsApp accordingly.
  • Receive clients’ orders with payment at your marked-up price and forward the same order to us at our fixed low price.
  • We develop and publish your client’s Android App.
  • Any support queries from your client to be forwarded to our team and the suggested reply received to be forwarded to your client.
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